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Dome Pillar 2, opposite Atomic energy commission second gate, Accra, Ghana - Get directions


GLOBAL LIBERATION MISSION (HOUSE OF FREEDOM)Vision:Disciples of Jesus Christ living out their full identities through the knowledge of the saving grace of the gospel of Christ.Mission:Changing lives preaching and teaching the gospel of the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ.Values/Mandates:?o teach word of God?o take the word of God to every nook and cranny of this world in fulfillment of the great command.?o bring churches closer to the people for easy accessibility ?o empower our communities through education and other social interventions?nd any other relevant activity that can bring light of the gospel to shine and establish the authority of the kingdom of God on earth.Articles of faith:?e believe in the triune God; otherwise known as trinity?e believe that Jesus was God and man while on earth?e believe that Jesus died to save us from destruction and condemnation?e was a sinless and perfect man while on earth?e believe that He(Jesus) is in heaven with the father?e believe that he is coming back to taker those that are saved to heaven?e believe that there is heaven and there is hell?e believe in rapture according to the word of God?e believe that the bible is the true and infallible word of God?e believe in water and Holy spirit baptism?e believe in the personality and the gifts and manifestations of the holy spirit.?e believe in the tripartite nature of God?e believe in holiness and living righteously?e believe in the tithing and other commands from the scriptures.



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    Dome Pillar 2, opposite Atomic energy commission second gate, Accra, Ghana - Get directions
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