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The desire of every young person is to grow up to become a person of great influence in society. Speak to any young person and you will discover that that individual will want to become a doctor, a nurse, an architect, a teacher, a banker etc. when they grow up. Unfortunately most of these dreams get crushed and destroyed along the way due to negative external forces and the lack of a positive environment to nurture them. Many young people today go through life with a negative self-concept and lack the confidence to believe in their ability to turn their dreams into reality; a situation which can partly be blamed on the widespread negativity in our society today. It is against this background that IMPACT THE WORLD? was established - to bring help and guidance to young people in Africa.IMPACT THE WORLD? is a personal development organization with a single mandate- to help young people live more meaningful lives. Our goal is to help young people to develop life skills so that they can be positioned to achieve extraordinary results in their youthful and adult lives. We believe that every young person has an inherent seed of greatness waiting to grow. With the right encouragement, mentoring and empowerment, every young person can grow to become a positive agent of change in society. We do this through our free life changing seminars, projects and counseling services to Junior and Senior High students in Ghana.




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