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No.8 Onyasia Crescent, Roman Ridge, Accra, Ghana - Get directions


The look of pride and exhilaration on a child? face when they have learned something new, bursting with excitement to share it with you, is truly a source of joy for every teacher! At The Roman Ridge School, our mission is to inspire our children to have a genuine love of learning, embrace their own strengths and talents, nurture them to believe in themselves and build their character so they may positively impact the world around them.We believe every child is special and unique, with something valuable to offer the world; whether on the field of play, the stage, the artist? canvas, the classroom or the playground! Our small class sizes allow us the opportunity to understand each child? needs, their strength and challenges, enabling us to tailor the support required for them to flourish. Pastoral care is the cornerstone of our programme and together we actively build and nurture personal relationships with each of our pupils, working in partnership with our families to deliver a rounded, learner-centered educational programme that goes beyond strong academic achievement. We recognize the tremendous role parents play in school success and actively communicate and involve our families every step of the way. Our formidable staff exemplify professionalism, integrity and model good moral values for our children to emulate. We actively promote good manners, courtesy, respectful communication, sensible conduct and believe in the power of a kind word or gesture.Our rigorous, well-balanced curriculum goes beyond the mastery of subject and emphasises strong critical thinking skills, public speaking, independent learning, research, investigation and practical learning- always offering a helping hand to those in need of an extra challenge to put forth their very best. We develop your child? leadership skills, self-confidence, work- ethic and the self-discipline needed to attain excellence in all they endeavour to do. Through various student leadership initiatives and community service projects, our pupils are taught to embrace their social and moral obligation to society, the privilege of service, and the importance of self-improvement to better serve others. We are so incredibly proud of our growing Alumni, who are steadily making a marked impact around the globe and are renowned for their appetite for excellence, integrity, social consciousness and humility.Although The Roman Ridge School is built upon a Christian framework, we welcome families from all backgrounds and faiths, actively teaching our children to embrace diversity and the importance of tolerance and acceptance of others. Your decision to join our school family is a strong commitment to the betterment of this great nation and our beautiful continent, through the young minds and hearts of our future leaders.




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