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SEDARVP-Ghana is a Youth Focused Organization setup to create supportive platforms to challenge youth creativity in the areas of Human Rights and education, social change, volunteerism and rural development. As an organization, we are committed to making available critical information and resources needed for total development of the Youth of Ghana especially in the rural areas especially in the area of human rights and education. Our mission therefore is to empower youngsters through quality education, social justice and civic education for the betterment of humanity. Our Objectives are: To assist the education of underprivileged children; to enhance adult literacy through innovative education; to create a platform for local and international volunteers to share experiences; to partner like-minded organization? to achieve our desired goal, to build youth capacities in employable skills and education etc. Key activities of SEDARVP-Ghana are Human Rights Advocacy; educational Support; capacity building; Entrepreneurship skills development and Volunteer placement. For this reason, we work with organizations of like minds to achieve our vision; we are currently affiliated with the following organization?: Inter Alia, Greece, EIVA, Romania and our Italian partner Prism promozione Internationale Sicilia-Mondo.



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