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No. 1 Shippi Close, East-Cantonments (near NAFTI), Accra, Ghana - Get directions


The Little Explorers opened its doors in 2007, when 2 passionate Montessorians, Karine McVeigh and Kamilla Kirpalani, dared to dream to create the 1st true accredited Montessori school in West-Africa.What started in the back yard of a house, with only 12 students, soon grew to become one of the best early years schools in Ghana. In 2009, Little Explorers gained its UK Accreditation from the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board, for which it acquired a Grade 1. In May 2017 it renewed its accreditation for the 3rd time. Little Explorers is in the process of application to being accredited by the South African Montessori Association as well.Little Explorers is currently home to 120 pupils from 42 different countries, aging from 8 months to 7 ? years old!




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