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48 Weijo shishi loop; P. O. Box 10265 Accra-North, Accra, Ghana - Get directions


Cleverman Tutors provides private academic tuition to children and young adults at various academic levels across Ghana; tuition is available for both local and international curricula; we provide tuition and test preparation for international aptitude tests such as SAT, TOEFL, GRE and IELTS. Our tutoring techniques are tutee-specific and focus primarily on helping and empowering the individual to master academic concepts, as well as equipping them with strategic and pragmatic approach to tackling academic problems. Our highly qualified and well-trained tutors create an environment effective for learning; and maintain very high tuition standards at all times.MissionOur mission is to provide excellent tuition focused on unleashing full academic potential; inspiring confidence; and cultivating leadership among our tutees. Our tutoring processes are tailored to suit the academic and motivational needs of our clientele.VisionOur vision is to be the primus inter pares among private academic tuition providers; serving Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa.Business PhilosophyOur philosophy as a team is our result-driven approach to tutoring. We set high targets, and deliver results to satisfy our clientele and secure their loyalty. Our success is defined on the principles of professionalism and integrity.



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    48 Weijo shishi loop; P. O. Box 10265 Accra-North, Accra, Ghana - Get directions
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